A Prayer Journey 
Many people living in Downton or the nearby villages make frequent journeys into Salisbury, some as a passenger or driver* in a car, some on buses and some on two wheels. The ideas below may help to turn some of those journeys into a time of prayer, perhaps helping us to see the day ahead in the context of the needs of the wider world. 
First Waypoint 
Heading north from the traffic lights by The Bull Inn, we see a range of businesses – retail and wholesale, manufacturers and service companies – all places of work. 
We thank God for the creativity of human work. 
We pray for the people who work here, and for the wider economy of this community and the nation. 
We pray for all who are unable to find work or who are worried about their jobs in any way. 
Lord, in your mercy: hear our prayer
Second Waypoint 
Just before we leave the village, we see the ‘Help for Heroes’ offices. 
We thank God for the work of Help for Heroes and other charities in looking after and providing hope for injured service personnel. 
We pray for the men and women of our Armed Forces, especially for those from our region deployed on operations around the world and for their families. 
We pray for victims of warfare, for all who bear physical or psychological scars, and for relief organisations and service charities. 
Lord, in your mercy: hear our prayer. 
Third Waypoint 
As we leave the village, we see the open country, perhaps animals grazing. 
We thank God for the wonders of his creation and for those who work to bring us our food. 
We pray for farmers and all who care for our environment. 
We pray for all in our world who go hungry and for aid agencies and food banks like the Trussell Trust. 
Lord, in your mercy: hear our prayer. 
Fourth Waypoint 
The signpost tells us we have reached Charlton All Saints. 
We rejoice in the dedication of our neighbouring village to All the Saints, and thank God for his light shining through men and women in every age. 
We pray for Christians everywhere, for our leaders in faith, and for our own church communities. 
Lord, in your mercy: hear our prayer. 
Fifth Waypoint 
As we come to Bodenham, we see a road sign pointing to Odstock and the hospital. On our right and left we may be able to see New Hall Hospital and Salisbury District Hospital. 
We pray for the sick and for those who care for them. 
We pray especially for any we know who need to know God’s comfort and strength in their illness. 
Lord, in your mercy: hear our prayer. 
Sixth Waypoint 
At Britford, we pass the Longford Primary School. 
We thank God for the opportunities we have had to learn and for those who have taught us and our families. 
We pray for young people in education and training, for their teachers, for governors, administrative staff and all who contribute our growth as human beings. 
We ask God to help us to keep on learning. 
Lord, in your mercy: hear our prayer. 
Seventh Waypoint 
In front of us we now see the spire of the cathedral reaching up to heaven. 
We thank God for this sign that men and women can reach beyond this world. 
We pray for the souls of the departed and for consolation for all who mourn. 
We offer to God our own aspirations and hopes. 
Lord, in your mercy: hear our prayer. 
Journey’s End 
Are we nearly there yet? 
We thank God for what we have seen and understood on the journey. 
We entrust all our prayers to God and ask that, though we may be distracted today, he will not forget us. 
Our Father … 
What Next? 
Perhaps this is only the first leg of our journey today. 
What other waypoints or prompts for prayer does our journey show us? 
What are the other things we need to place into God’s hands? 
What are the things we need to lay before God on the return journey? 
Reverend Bill Rogers, 
former Team Priest, Forest and Avon Team 
* If you are driving, you may want to learn this one waypoint at a time, or get someone in the car to read it to you. Please do not try to read while driving! 
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